Hello world!

Welcome to RS Digital SOlutions. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Read More


Squeebles – Articulate Storyline

As part of this years Pantone eLearning Challenge @ELHchallenge #263, I’d like to introduce the Squeebles. Read More

plastic production infographic

Plastic Production Infographic

Check out this Plastic Production Infographic as part of the articuate heros elearning challenge #261. Read More

Result Breakdown

Result Breakdown Quiz – Articulate Storyline

An example of a storyline quiz and free template download, with a result breakdown using dials at the end. Read More

nuts and bolts learning

Nuts and Bolts Learning

you put a bolt in place, it serves it’s purpose, but without a nut it’s not very secure. How does this apply to digital education? Read More

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar -Articulate Storyline

Check out this advent calendar built in Articulate Storyline, each door hides a different challenge! Read More

Digital Creativity and Digital Skills

Digital Creativity vs Digital Skills

Digital Creativity and Digital Skills are very different. But job roles are incorporating both of these elements, so as we strive to learn, which should come first? Read More

I Don't Know

Saying 'I Don't know' is okay

Why is it important to be comfortable saying ‘I don’t know.’ If we say it, how do we follow this up? Read More