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Result Breakdown Quiz – Articulate Storyline

I have never been a massive fan of doing summative quizzes when it comes to eLearning. I know a lot of people jump right to the last quiz and try and get a ‘passing score’. A result breakdown may be included but it is often very basic.

A couple of years ago I built this template and shared it on articulate heroes, which people seemed to love. After a change of accounts and one thing and another, the link got broken and I never shared the template. Here it is now!

The idea for me with the breakdown of results was to avoid this being a summative quiz, where they need to pass. Instead, I just wanted them to review their knowledge, but how do you display this at the end. Picking out key themes that they are being quizzed on can help find their strengths and areas to develop. So displaying them with a little graphic at the end really helps to see their result breakdown.

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Check out my other eLearning examples and downloads here.

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